Children's Activities

Kansas City Irish Fest is a child’s dream come true. More than 19,000 kids went through our children’s area last year. And besides the child who colored on his mother, we had 19,000 satisfied customers. We also have several year-round activities for kids to do, which you’ll find here.

This year, we are celebrating How the Irish Invented Halloween.

Our 2016 Costume Contest theme is about our theme, so try out your costume this year at Irish Fest. The costume possibilities are endless and we hope you’ll join us in our celebration of How the Irish Invented Halloween. We have three age groups for our contest 2-5, 6-8 and 10 -12. Contests are at 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Contest two is our Haunted Fairy Village Contest. We are creating a Fairy Village at Irish Fest this year. A fairy village is made up of Fairy Houses. The rules for a fair house are below. As you enter the contest, please bring your Fairy House to Kate or Andrea. Please make sure that you have two 3 x5 cards folded into two. One of those will be the name of your Fairy House, the other will have your Fairy House name plus your name, age and phone number. This contest is very special and there will be some magical prizes for the winners.

Fairy Houses for the Village Guidelines:

  • Only natural materials found on the ground like pine cones, rock, seashells, gourds and twigs may be used in construction; however you may use paint at the end.
  • No items from living plants (please do not strip the leaves from the trees or pick the flowers), but leaves on the ground and things like moss may be used.
  • Yes you are allowed to use adhesives on your house.
  • Here are some pics of some of our favorite Fairy Houses here, here and here.
  • You may use store bought Halloween Decorations on your house.


  • Fabulous Stage with Mr Stinky Feet, Stone Lion Puppets and from Ireland; Foils, Arm and Hog and more.
  • Bounce and climb to your heart’s content in our special play area in the park.
  • Tattoo Me, I’m Irish: Come get one of our Ghoulish or Irish temporary tattoos...whether you‘re Irish or not!
  • Guess n’ Tell Wishin‘ Well: Guess the number of Magic Coins and win our wonderful magical dragon! 12 and under only!
  • Kansas City Irish Fest Bingo: Join us for games almost every hour and special prizes!
  • Wackalaylee: Giant candy and toy filled Halloween figues. For kids of all ages!
  • Oddball Kids Tent: With interactive games, hands-on activities, hats, painting and endless imagination!
  • Artrageous: We’re making puppets of Ghosts, Witches and Jack-O- Lanterns. How creative can you be?
  • Coloring Contest
  • Name the Cow: Our 2016 cow doesn‘t have a name! Can you come up with one? You could win the giant cow! Hint: This year the cow is a steer.

There’s so much more! Discover our Children’s Stage Performers, Balloon Artists, Yard Games and other special surprises. Check out the map for more info! Remember, our Children’s Village closes at 9 P.M. each night!

Kids Club

Kansas City Irish Fest is fortunate to have an amazing group of young people to keep the Children’s Area on track. The Kansas City Irish Fest Kid’s Club is a group of creative and talented young people that not only act as an advisory board to things going on in the Children’s Area, but work there as well. They start planning the next Children’s Area right after Irish Fest ends, and the look at it as an exercise to improve things each year. If you see a group of bright, smiling, helpful young people in a Cow T-Shirt with a purpose in their gait at this year’s Irish Fest, that would be the Kid’s Club.

Kids Club Mission:

The Kansas City Irish Festival Kid’s Club is a youth leadership nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and educating children ages 5 to 18 to become leaders and to develop their natural leadership abilities for service with the Kansas City Irish Festival and the greater Kansas City Community for the education of our Irish Heritage and Culture.

Become a New Member

If you are 10 and under, you must:

  • Get a recommendation from a teacher
  • Fill out the Member Application
  • Have your parents fill out the Parental Application
  • Have attended at least one Irish Fest and document the experience (write a short description)
  • If you are 11 and older, you must:
  • Get a recommendation from a teacher
  • Get a recommendation from an Irish Fest Committee Member who you worked for at an Irish Fest
  • Fill out the Member Application
  • Have your parents fill out the Parental Application
  • Write a short description about your Irish Fest volunteer experience