Children's Activities

Join us in Tír na nÓg (say: tear na nog) or the "Land of the Young" at Kansas City Irish Fest for a magical day of activities and fun for all ages!

Do you believe in magic?

Tír na nÓg is a magical place! Our KCIF Kids' Club does and they want to share that magic with you!

Here are a few of the FREE fun things you can do when visiting Tír na nÓg

  • Crafts
  • KCIF Bingo – Win Moola …
  • Wackalaylees – the Irish Fest traditional piñata
  • Play Areas – everything for the wee ones from moonwalks for all ages of kids to a rockwall for the tweens and teens to a bungee jump and giant yard games
  • Children’s Stage with lots of Storytelling, Music and Dancing
  • Contests
    • Fairy House
    • Costume
    • Coloring
  • Flying Cows
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Bubble Tent

For just a wee bit extra moola try Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting and Henna (also awesome for the teens and adults)

Learn About Magical Ireland

We are celebrating Selkies, Ainé, Brigid, and Tuatha dé Danan.

  • Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. Have you seen one?
  • Ainé (say: Awn Ya) Her name means “brightness, glow, joy, radiance, splendor, glory, fame” and she is associated with the abundance of summer.
  • Brigid is known as the goddess a lot of things - healers, poets, smiths, fire, hearth, childbirth, and inspiration. How will she inspire you?
  • Tuatha dé Danan are members of an ancient race who came to Ireland for instruction in magic. They brought 4 magical gifts to Ireland. Learn at Irish Fest about those gifts.


  • Build a Magical Fairy House for our Fairy Village
    • The house must be made of natural materials found outdoors, anything from twigs to seashells
    • Decorations for your house may be ‘unnatural’ and things you purchase.  The houses should be “magical” this year.
    • Bring your house and two 3 x 5 cards
      • one with your house’s name, your first name and age
      • one with your full name and contact information, along with your house’s name (Parents, personal Info won’t be displayed).
    • Prizes will be sent after Irish Fest is over by mail.
    • Houses may be picked up after 4 PM, Sunday, Sept 2, 2018.
  • Costume Contest
    • Saturday and Sunday on the Children's Stage (check the schedule for times)
    • Theme: Magic in Nature. Will you dress like a magical Irish creature? A Irish hero, god or goddess? What does Magic in Nature mean to you?
    • Age groups
      • 2 - 4 years old
      • 5 - 7 years old
      • 8 -12 years old
  • Wee Ones Scavenger Hunt 
    • Ages 10 and under
    • Get your passport stamped at all the stops
    • Check back in with your full-stamped passport and you win a prize!

Special Project: Tír na nÓg Tree of Blessings

  • At the Festival - Our Festival Tree of Blessings will be brought to life by the shamrock leaves you add to the tree. Everyone will add their shamrock to the tree on the wall of the Children’s Area.  At the end of each day, we will take the shamrock leaves down and we will publish our blessings.
  • At Home - Each child who visits Tír na nÓg can get supplies to make their own at-home Tree of Wishes
    • Your Tree of Wishes reminds you to never stop wishing and hoping for the small and big things in life.
    • Wishes are the secret desires of your heart. They can be big or small, but each wish is powerful.
    • Sometimes a wish is for ourselves, and sometimes are wishes are for others, but each is special because it comes from our heart.
    • After you make your tree, take it home and put it on your bedroom door. Look at it every day.
    • Each wish brings amazing hope, strength and joy for you as you grow and focus on your wishes, dreams and goals.
  • They are the MAGIC of the Children’s Area.

    The Kansas City Irish Fest is fortunate to have this amazing group of young people to keep the Children’s Area amazing and fun. The Kansas City Irish Fest Kid’s Club is a group of creative and talented young people that not only plan the Children’s Area at the Festival, but will work there as well. They start planning the next children’s area right after the Irish Fest ends, and look at it as an exercise to make things more fun and exciting every year.

    They are accountable and own their decisions; they are analytical and are the first to tell about something that needs to be better or fixed. All of these members understand a budget and understand the enormous number of guests that are entertained Irish Fest weekend. They all share a common goal and vision.

    You’ll find many of them in their Kid’s Club T-Shirt running around the Children’s Areas and performing any number of tasks. If you see a group of bright, smiling, helpful young people in a Cow T-Shirt with a purpose in their gait at this years Irish Fest, that would be the Kid’s Club. Ask them a question and you will get an impassioned answer.

    The Team includes:

    Alana, Kate, Lily,  Brendan, Andrea, Kaitlyn, Lily, Lila

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Kate

    My name is Kate and love all the kid areas at the Irish Fest. The arts and crafts tent has so many wonderful things to do and make and I love that I can use my imagination and make just about anything. 

    The moon walks and kids games are great fun too!

    My friend Ron told me about the Kid's Club and thought it would be a great idea to get me signed up. I have met many kids within the Kid's Club and am very anxious this year as I will get to be a part of the Children's area at Irish Fest.   

    What I will tell you about Kate is that she is talented, creative, hard-working and a joy to be around. When she was little, we would try to get her to just stop and take a break, but she didn’t want to miss a thing. As we would close down at night, we would put several chairs together and she would fall sound asleep.

    When Kate says jump, I ask her how high!

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Andrea

    Andrea is our resident black belt and besides being athletic, she is very smart. She has a great instinct to head where we need help in the Children’s Area, and she a diligent worker. She may fool you into thinking she is very quiet, don’t be fooled, give her mango smoothie and her laughter never ends as the wild child escapes. 

    Andrea has been with the team for 6 years and is our merchandise expert.

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Brenden

    Brendan is our Ambassador. He will know the answer and will always provide the smile and true sincerity he feels about the Children’s Area, which is passion and ownership. He comes to the meeting with his answers to the agenda prepared and still thinks in the heat of the moment when needed. 

    Brendan is an athlete in his own right and loves the Royals and baseball. As an Ambassador, he is generally giving out balloons and welcoming guests. Brendan has been around the kids club for 8 years, started out by calling Bingo.

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Lily Alana Kaitlyn

    I have known these young ladies all of their lives, and they have been attending Irish Fest all their lives. Talking about them as a team of sisters is talking about a force of nature that has been wonderful addition to the Kid’s Club. And like all of the members, this bright group is very busy. I have seen them do things like cook (learning from their Grandparents) sew, Irish Dance, and help take care of other children. 

    Lily is enthusiastic, and quite serious. She is always on the search to make something in the Children’s Area better. She observes and makes her case with facts, so this year, we are not telling the volunteers about rules, they are going to be written down, kept simple and will be enforced. Lily gets so excited about her observations; she is ready to burst with her ideas.

    Alana is one of our hardest workers. She takes her tasks seriously and wants them done correctly and timely. Don’t sell her short on fun, she is fun, but she is focused on delivering fun while she is working, and it is always with a giant smile on her face. Her creativity is also right at the heart of new and great ideas. Her motivation is she wants every guest to know and understand just how wonderful Irish Fest is in the Kids Area. She is typically thoughtful, so when she speaks, we all listen.

    Kaitlyn is pure joy. She is still learning the jobs in the Kid’s Area and I am certain, she will learn them all, and master them all. Just when I think I could tell you her favorite thing in the Children’s Area, she is trying something else. I am thinking give her some time, she may be running it all someday. She is not intimidated by anyone and speaks her mind, always with a smile and always to help make the area more engaging and always so politely.

    Individually, each of them brings their unique gifts, smiles, heart and fun as a team, and part of a team they are a blessing for us.

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Lily M

    Lily is another Kid’s Club member that has been helping for a couple of years, and like the others, she is a single force of nature, and works hard for that right. She is an accomplished dancer, making her first appearance in Nutcracker Ballet in KC a couple of years ago. Lily takes nothing for granted and will not make quick decisions when research is warranted. 

    She is orderly and methodical. And as said earlier works very hard to give herself the right to be part of the team, she makes sure she is bringing something good to the table. We hate to tell her, but her ideas on the fly are always beneficial as well. And as everyone in the kids club, she is pure delight. She spent last year running from Merchandise to the Welcome Center, I am betting, she will be at the Welcome Center this year, and she will be mentoring a new member this year.

  • Childrens Activities  Meet The Team  Lila

    Lila is our newest member and has brought her fun and ideas into the team.  Like many of our members, Lila has been attending the Fest for several years and is joining us to make the Children’s Area happen in a fabulous way this year.

    What we know right now, Lila is bright; she even takes notes at the meeting. She speaks her mind and was certainly helpful with plans. She will be mentored this year by Lily and we will have all kinds of glowing information about her 2019 Irish Fest.