Children's Activities

Kansas City Irish Fest is a child’s dream come true. More than 19,000 kids went through our children’s area last year. And besides the child who colored on his mother, we had 19,000 satisfied customers. We also have several year-round activities for kids to do, which you’ll find here.

This year we are back to Nature in Ireland!

We are celebrating the nature of our old tales and much of the work that is being done in Ireland now to rebuild the forest areas.

You can’t go back to Nature in without running into the Fairy Folk so they will be a part of our celebration as are the animals that are native to Ireland and the trees and flowers.

Build a Back to Nature Fairy House

Build a Fairy House for the Fairy Village.  Houses are made of natural materials found outdoors, anything from twigs to seashells, but decorations for your house may be ‘unnatural’ and things you purchase. Please bring with you a 3 x 5 card with your house’s name and a second card with your information and house’s name (Parents, personal Info won’t be displayed).

Prizes will be named after Irish Fest is over. Houses may be picked up after 3 PM on Sunday, Sept 3, 2017.

The Costume Contest –  Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 on Stage.  The theme in the Childrens area is Back to Nature.  Read our theme and decide what Back to Nature in Ireland means to you.  Age groups 2 – 4, 5-7 and 8 -12.

Wee Ones Scavenger Hunt -  Can you get your passport stamped at all the stops in your passport book?  Try and do it, you will win a prize.  Contest open to 10 years of age.

Storytelling Contest – Are you a seanchaí?  Do you have a tale of Ireland to tell?  The Seanchai is the bearer of old lore, so maybe you have a tale of the selkies or one of the fir bolg or even a tale of the Tír na nÓg (which is what the children’s area is named after)?  Maybe you have a story about Seals, Foxes, Hares or Deer, our chosen animals this year for the Children’s area?  Write down your tale and you may be reading it or telling it as a tale at this year’s Irish Fest.  Winners will receive tickets to Irish Fest for them and their parents plus more.  Contest is for Storytellers to Age 17.

Stories need to be sent in to:

Shawn Sullivan-Warner, 7605 Bradshaw St, Shawnee, KS 66216 by Aug 10, 2017.

And here is a brief glimpse of other fun to be had…

  • Crafts
  • KCIF Bingo
  • Wackalaylees
  • Moonwalks
  • Children’s Stage with lots of Music and Dancing
  • Coloring Contest
  • Flying Cows
  • Tattoos
  • Bungee Jump
  • Giant Yard Games
  • Storytelling
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Bubble Tent
  • Lots of Family Fun and all the above is for the admission of one Child’s ticket.
  • For just a wee bit extra there is Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting and Henna (also awesome for the teens and adults)