KCIF Kids Club - the MAGIC of the Children's Area

The Kansas City Irish Fest is fortunate to have this amazing group of young people to keep the Children’s Area amazing and fun. The Kansas City Irish Fest Kid’s Club is a group of creative and talented young people that not only plan the Children’s Area at the Festival, but will work there as well. They start planning the next children’s area right after the Irish Fest ends, and look at it as an exercise to make things more fun and exciting every year.

They are accountable and own their decisions; they are analytical and are the first to tell about something that needs to be better or fixed. All of these members understand a budget and understand the enormous number of guests that are entertained Irish Fest weekend. They all share a common goal and vision.

You’ll find many of them in their Kid’s Club T-Shirt running around the Children’s Areas and performing any number of tasks. If you see a group of bright, smiling, helpful young people in a Witch T-Shirt with a purpose in their gait at this year’s Irish Fest, that would be the Kid’s Club. Ask them a question and you will get an impassioned answer.

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Lily W


Lily, Alana, & Kaitlyn

Lily M




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