Jump 2-3's All


The Jump 2-3’s began as a dance school family project born of the need to provide traditional music for dancers from the Kansas City Irish dance community.  “Jump” is Annie Stark, a third generation dancer, second generation fiddler, in-house dancer for O’Dowd’s Little Dublin, private instructor at the Lawrence Arts Center, and an accomplished teacher with the Driscoll School of Irish Dance, who - quite literally - has a gifted foot in both worlds: Irish dance and Irish music.  “2” is Bill Morris, formerly of Emerald Skye and Gabriel’s Gate - a talented performer whose finger-picking and solid rhythmic skills span both Celtic and North American traditional styles.  He brings the experience of years of solid solo performance to the stage, meshed with a grasp of ensemble playing that represents well of the range of his musical abilities.  “3” is Chris Carr, a long-time flute and whistle player from the greater KC area, who still takes the stage with his longtime fellow bandmates from the Three Dollar Band a couple of times a year.  His versatility on the full range of whistles and flutes comes from a lifetime spent playing a certain class of instrument in a wide range of settings.

Saturday August 31

  • 1300 1:00pm-1:45pm Atrium Stage

Sunday September 1

  • 1430 2:30pm-4:00pm Magners Park Stage