The Maguire Brothers All

Kansas City, MO | Traditional

The Maguire Brothers: The third time's a charm! The Maguire Brothers were originally formed in 1996 by Sean Foree and Mark Clavey (Tullamore). This incarnation performed regionally until 1998 when both musicians went on to pursue other projects. The group was reformed in 2000 by Sean and Kenny Hyland. This second life lasted a single year before the group was moth-balled again.

In 2013, Sean and long-time friend David Levin were both discussing their desire to explore traditional Irish music again, when relative new-comer Adam Toom appeared. This incarnation has been going strong for three years and currently enjoys a standing gig at Llewellyn's venues around Kansas City as well as well as many Renaissance Festivals in the region where they have won multiple awards.The group is anchored by Adam Toom's (guitar, tenor vocals) powerful voice and wealth of material. Keeping Adam on track is percussionist David Levin (bodhran, baritone vocals) whose charisma has delighted Midwestern audiences for over a decade. Rounding out the group is multi-instrumentalist Sean Foree (banjo, mandolin, cittern, guitar, tenor vocals).